NouvelR for Renault

A typeface crafted for the new Renault brand


The Renault’s “Nouvelle Vague” was born out of disruption. By moving to an energy brand truly committed to improve their ecological footprint and lifecycle and giving a second life to car through Re-Factory; making used cars new to their customers and recycling batteries and materials. Renault became a service brand, with high-tech connected services, both on and off-board. We were commissionned by Renault to design and develop the new typeface for the new brand.


A creative typeface designed and developed in 6 writing systems for exclusive use of the brand, the nouvel’R fonts collection provides a strong visual footprint for the brand. It is developed in 6 weights (from Light to Extrabold). Latin, Grec, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean are supported to cover the brand’s markets. The design is geometrical and identity details on characters like the radical letter “r” cut at 28 degrees to match the logotype angles. The specificities of this radical design are also found on emblematic characters in the 5 World writing systems.