We believe a font is a lot more than a few glyphs and letters

We believe a font is
a lot more than a few
glyphs and letters

Vision. We believe a font is a lot more than a few glyphs and letters. It’s both a creative asset that sits at the very heart of any brand identity and a technological asset that empowers consistent brand expression. In short, fonts add value to brands.

Our mission is to help brands make the most of their font assets by creating, developing and managing high quality fonts for a connected world. We believe in the power of identity fonts to stand out against the competition, in the value of global fonts to speak out consistently across borders and the importance of seamless fonts to work reliably.

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

A distinctive custom font is an often underestimated and yet extremely powerful brand asset that sits at the very heart of your identity. It is a great tool acting as an interface between your brand and your customers.

Closer Together

Closer Together

Global brands need to express themselves consistently in all languages, global fonts translate their personality in all writing systems such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Devanagari…

Digital Fit

Digital Fit

Creating fonts can get very technical. Making them work across all platforms, devices and screens (Human-Machine Interfaces, webfonts…) is a key step in building a strong brand perception and ensuring a fluid experience.

Our expertise can be
defined as mix between
engineering and design.
We call it Type+Tech®.

Our expertise can be
defined as mix between
engineering and design.
We call it Type+Tech®.

Services. Over the years, we’ve developed a unique set of tools to help brands make the most of their font assets. Our services includes font design to help brands express their personality (across all languages) font engineering to ensure that the fonts developed work across all platforms and font consulting to train our clients, their teams and their suppliers on font management and advise on technical and licensing issues. We call this expertise Type+Tech®.



Custom font creation
Script and language extensions
Pictograms and emojis
Font modification
Logo finetuning
Font design refinement



Quality assurance
Hinting (Screen optimisation)
System integration
OpenType coding
Python scripting
Font mastering
Font formats



Training for creatives
Training for engineers
Software problem solving
Licence advising

Some of Our Clients


Logo Arcom


Logo Renault


Logo Decathlon

Groupe TF1

Logo Groupe TF1


Logo Enedis


Logo Jott


Logo Google


Logo M6


Logo Stellantis


Logo Samsung

RMC Story

Logo RMC Story


Logo Livesport

France Galop

Logo France Galop


Logo Ikea

Dassault Systemes

Logo Dassault Systemes


Logo AEF
They Trusted Us
  • Black [Foundry] s’est positionné comme le partenaire de jeu idéal pour developper la Font propriétaire de Jott. Arrivés en milieu de chantier de rebranding global, leur culture de la marque, de ses enjeux et des conséquences narratives sur les signes ont été un atout considérable dans le process créatif que nous avons partagé entre nos deux agences. Chaque interlocuteur à trouvé sa place, avec souplesse, simplicité, pédagogie et une extrême précision.

    Gaël Audier
    Co-dirigeant - Associé

  • Black[Foundry]’s know-how and experience are valuable assets that we regularly rely on to ensure the quality of the fonts we use in the in-vehicle systems of the PSA group.

    Since 2015, Black[Foundry] has allowed us to easily manage the Asian and Arabic writing systems.

    Olivier Daillance
    Graphical interface manager
    PSA Groupe

  • Implementing a new typeface for such a multinational brand as IKEA is no easy undertaking. Fonts are used at every step of the value chain, which requires a universal fit for a multitude of digital systems.

    We relied on Black[Foundry] to package the font files according to unique specifications and supply custom modules for internal installation.

    In addition to this, Black[Foundry] was there to assist and consult internal IT teams in the process. The success of this journey largely depended on Black[Foundry]’s expertise, their professional precision, timely delivery and enthusiastic approach. They are the go-to resource for all needs in type technologies.

    Roman Luzin
    Visual Identity Specialist

  • By creating two complementary typographic families, Black[Foundry] was able to translate a double request from us: to understand and retranscribe the essence of Inria and to reinforce its identity.

    The design stage in short iterations allowed us to precisely define the typographic styles we wanted.

    These fonts are also a vector of cohesion within the institute and their free licenses allow us both a better internal sharing as well as a simple and clear diffusion on a large scale.

    Sophie Barbier
    Graphic department manager

  • C’est un beau projet que nous avons porté avec Black[Foundry] sur cette fonte qui matérialise notre philosophie de marque et crée un lien de proximité avec nos clients à travers le monde.

    Cette police constitue désormais un de nos codes de marque fort pour dynamiser
    la perception de Dacia et incarner ses valeurs de simplicité et d’optimisme, de liberté et d'accessibilité.

    Karl Saffré
    Directeur des Identités de Marques

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