Get ready to adopt some fonts from the family!

Select your writing systems

Create your own font styles

We offer here the possibility to manually tune your own font (Variable or Static) so that it matches any specific design requirement you project may have. In addition you can even personalise their family and style names!

Select your fonts

Select the fonts you will actually use in your project, and only those. Example: for a Logo or a Packaging you may not need the full family or the Variable Font (it could become very expensive while the fonts will not be actually used)

Variable fonts

Static fonts

Select licenses

For the fonts you have selected, pick the licenses that the End-User (the license owner: yourself or your client) needs according to their intended usage. The license owner can share the font files to anyone in charge of making the creations as long as the actual usage is covered by the license. Example: Design/Branding agencies don't have to purchase licenses but their clients have to.

Activation date

Some licenses have a limited time duration, here you can change the licenses activation date.