READ for Groupe Renault

Type-design meets font engineering to create READ, the first global and seamless font family for Groupe Renault. A typeface fit for the future.


For the past several years, Groupe Renault has been creating synergies across brands while pursuing a premium design strategy, making their cars more iconic and desirable. As part of this strategy, they realised they needed an extensive font family that would bring together the Renault, Alpine and Dacia brands and perform across all platforms and all writing systems. That’s why they came to us.


We created the Read family to complement the Renault, Alpine and Dacia brand typefaces. Humanist at heart, Read works seamlessly onboard and off-board, on physical and digital elements, on screen and in print. We also developed Read in most writing systems and created a large family of proprietary pictograms. Simply put, Read is now set to write the future of Groupe Renault.

SERVICES: Consulting / Design / Engineering