Groupe Renault icons

Based on the Read Typeface Family created for Groupe Renault, we designed and engineered a unique set of pictograms to accompany this font.


While creating the global font Read for Groupe Renault, the client realised that an eleventh writing system, consisting of icons and pictograms, would serve as a key addition to their newly engineered font family. To accomplish this, we created more than 2000 individual symbols for both the car’s interior and for a wide range of digital needs.


Working in close collaboration with Groupe Renault and its supplier Bosch, we created a wide set of pictograms covering the whole semantic needs for on-board and off-board use. The design was streamlined to match the Read typeface. Each pictogram is optimised for specific display sizes so that the pixel output is perfectly controlled.

SERVICES: Consulting / Design / Engineering