Enedis Identity Font

A typeface for the public utility of the ecological transition


Enedis commissioned the 4uatre agency to redefine their brand identity so that it reflects the new positioning of the company as ‘the public utility of the ecological transition’. The visual territory created unfolds from a common thread, a symbol of the Enedis’ expertise and the positive and plural energy it distributes.
In this context, and in close collaboration with the 4uatre agency, we had to create a typeface that would assert both its both technical and human characteristics.


To match the graphic system developed for the new identity, we designed the typeface around the fine thread idea. We introduced the concept of a thread that enters and crosses the typeface by using thinner stroke weight at the central part of the letters.
Curves are tense and technical, terminals are strictly horizontal with sharp edges. In addition, the specific inner glyph weight variation creates an organic vibration to the text that recalls the color vibrations of the thread created by 4uatre agency.