Alpine Script

We were commissioned by Alpine to create a script variable font to enable the brand to talk to the various profiles of its community.


Alpine needed a custom crafted typeface tuned for communication purposes. They were previously using a brush script typeface that was limited in weight, character-set and graphic style. Alpine needed to get a variable font that would fit the broad spectrum of visual speech that the diversity of its market base induces: agility, velocity, sport, finesse, ascension, premium spirit, and even the noise of the iconic Alpine car. That’s why they came to us.


We crafted a variable and evolutive font that can evolve along four different interpolatable feelings or tones:

The default design embodies the Alpine identity, we named it Regular. Another design pole, named Bold, is proclaiming; with strong vertical stems, it reminds of handmade signs of strikers. The third axis achieve a more human feeling, closer to correspondance hand-writing, it speaks agility and has inspirational element dated from the origins of the first Alpine car, we named it Extended. The fourth and last design is named Irregular; it is more expressive than the others with letters dancing on the baseline, evoking the artist, speed and randomness.

In the design-space made of these four master designs, any position is possible and this allows the brand to communicate more accurately to all its communities.