Variable Fonts: Pushing the limits

Having fun with Variable Fonts possibilities

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Assistant(e) Administratif(ve)

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Vesterbro Animated

A few months ago, Animography proposed to create an After Effects animated version of our Vesterbro typeface.

We were quickly convinced by this approach when seeing Jeroen first drafts. His take was stunning and true to the aesthetic qualities of the typeface design.

Today, after weeks of hard work, Vesterbro is up and moving, and anyone can create beautifully animated text in Regular or Poster weights.

We asked a few questions to Jeroen, animator of Vesterbro and the man behind, about his creative process.
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Unistra Fonts

The story behind the making and mastering of Unistra fonts.Read more


Inria Serif and Inria Sans

Inria Sans and Inria Serif are the two members of a type family designed for the communication of Inria, a national institut dedicated to computer science and research in automation.Read more



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Variable Fonts

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Integrating emojis in a font

As type-designers, we are used to work in black and white only, but when it comes to emoji, color is an integral part of the design.Read more


The story of READ

The Read project started with an onboard challenge, and evolved towards a much larger ambition: what if Renault created one font for its future?Read more


Black[Spacer] + Black[Kerner]

Developing tools to control consistently font Spacing and Kerning.Read more