Bespoke typographic logo design for Jox&An, a French fashion brand from the Basque Country


Jox&An is a new fashion brand located in the Basque Country using a traditional and unique know-how to create sandals, shoes and a selection of clothes and accessories. The Jox&An spirit is grounded in the natural environment of the French Atlantic coast: it is chic, casual with a touch of retro. We were charged with creating a bespoke logo design reminiscent of the creativity of the 20s’ also known as “la Belle Époque” making the brand’s product materials perceptible.


We highlighted the brand’s novelty and fashion as well as making comfort and quality visible by exploring free and authentic shapes from the twenties. Balancing contemporary and retro styles we designed a timeless logo that has open letterforms with a stencil-like feel. The ligature between the poetic ampersand and the ‘A’ feel subtle and elegant. BlackFoundry brought up an atemporal breath of bliss that exudes from this weightless yet sturdy brand logotype.

SERVICES: Consulting / Design