Fonts are assets

We believe a font is a lot more than a few glyphs and letters. It’s both a creative asset that sits at the very heart of any brand identity and a technological asset that empowers consistent brand expression. In short, fonts add value to brands.


Our mission is to help brands make the most of their font assets by creating, developing and managing high quality fonts for a connected world. We believe in the power of IDENTITY fonts to stand out against the competition, in the value of GLOBAL fonts to speak out consistently across borders and the importance of SEAMLESS fonts to work reliably

identity fonts

Make your mark

A distinctive custom font is an often underestimated and yet extremely powerful brand asset that sits at the very heart of your identity. It is a great tool acting as an interface between your brand and your customers.

global fonts

Closer together

Global brands need to express themselves consistently in all languages, global fonts translate their personality in all writing systems such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Devanagari…

seamless fonts

Digital fit

Creating fonts can get very technical. Making them work across all platforms, devices and screens (Human-Machine Interfaces, webfonts…) is a key step in building a strong brand perception and ensuring a fluid experience.