Unistra Fonts

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Strasbourg for applied research project ‘identités complexes’. Christina Poth designed the Unistra typeface, and we helped with the mastering and the making of the fonts.



The visual language of the university uses 2 typefaces: ‘Unistra’ for contents related to ‘university life’ and ‘Brill’ for those related to ‘knowledge’. Christina designed the ‘Unistra’ bearing in mind the fact that both typefaces had to live together.

The Unistra typeface has 4 variants (A, B, C, and D), each with 2 weights in Roman and Italic. One of the challenges was to make a framed version of the Unistra A typeface while keeping the original leading of the Brill fonts.

We also optimized the screen rendering of the fonts with a careful manual Hinting. With the help of TrueType instructions added to the font and its glyphs, we tune the pixel output for targeted sizes to reach the best possible result on the Web and Microsoft Office applications.

We finally ensured the mastering of the ‘encadre’ (i.e. framed) version of Unistra A. In close collaboration with the design team at the University, we made sure the frame around the design perfectly fits the leading and renders nicely even on office applications. That font enables non-designers to make bespoke presentation themselves directly on the keyboard, using specially customized characters such as parenthesis, underscore or asterisk.



Unistra A, B, C, and D plus Unistra Encadre are available online along with a useful tool box for the University’s members. Check it out!