Black[Spacer] + Black[Kerner]

When it comes to type design, white space is as important as the black shape of glyphs. A good letter-shape is nothing without proper spacing, and we are addressing that issue with a couple of tools ensuring controlled and consistent letter-spacing.




Spacing is the global approach of even and harmonious word-shapes. Our spacing algorithm scans letter-shapes to extract the amount of white space surrounding glyphs. It is also able to see through and measure some white that is inside. Designers can adjust how the tools is measuring and how loose or tight they want the spacing to be according the design peculiarities. The goal is to easily achieve a consistent spacing throughout a set of letters in a controlled and reproducible manner.




Kerning is the local approach. It takes specific pairs into consideration and defines how natural spacing has to be adjusted: some combinations require to be set tighter, and some looser. This is achieved with negative or positive kerning. Doing kerning manually requires checking a plentiful amount of pairs, the process is extremely slow and repetitive, it may take weeks to fully kern a whole typeface family.

The experience acquired over years of manual kerning was put together into a novel algorithm and a proprietary software helping type-designers organise and manage the process fully. Moreover, it ensure accuracy reproductivity with presets that can be stored.


Our spacing and kerning tools work on all kind of shapes, whether they are Latin Uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, and even non-Latin such as Devanagari, or Right-to-Left writing systems such as Arabic.