Integrating emojis in a font

As type-designers, we are used to work in black and white only, but when it comes to emoji, color is an integral part of the design. In fact we shape glyphs with vector contours, and then check the filled outlines.

So when we started to create an emoji font to go with one of our ‘Bluu Suuperstar’ font family, we had to create a new tool to enable us drawing with colored shapes. The trick was to apply various colors in one single emoji, unlike usual fonts that do not contain any color information.


This is how our Black[Moji] tool was born.



Our devs and the designers worked together to build a tool with an interface to apply colors to vector contours.


But design is only half the job. After enabling designers to assign colors to emoji, the Black[Moji] tool had to be able to generate actually working emoji fonts, for all platforms and environments. Apple uses embedded PNG, whereas Adobe and Firefox store vectors.
We had to find the way to produce all possible formats from one single design file. After several weeks of development we are proud to tell that we are able to make cross-platform emoji fonts on demand. And that our Bluumoji font is done and will soon be available for purchase.